You have to take it one set at a time.

Greetings and Salutations.

So where did 1Setatatime come from?

I decided to call my blog 1setatatime (really One Set at a Time) because that is how I live my life, one infusion set at a time. You see, I have been a Type 1 Diabetic now for 20 years, which is over half my life. I can hardly remember what it is like to not be diabetic anymore. I’ve been on an insulin pump now for about 15 years I guess. I really don’t remember when I started on one exactly but I was in college at the time. I just started using a CGMS (Continuous Glocose Monitoring System) this year.

Why create a blog?

I setup this blog for me to talk about whatever suits my fancy. Mostly this will be about Diabetes, Dogs and potentially Disneyland. Who knows really but it is a start.

What will I read/see here?

Hopefully you will read about my daily struggles, accomplishments, and setbacks with Diabetes, pumping, CGMS, and life in general. I’ll put up stuff that is interesting or I may throw other items off topic now and then but that remains to be seen.

About 1setatatime

Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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