Ok, so exercising doesn’t take the place of a bolus…

So my wife and I biked a total of 6 miles tonight (3 miles each way) and before we rode we ate. It was just cereal for dinner but still about 47+ carbs for a meal. I was 74 before I at and half way through the ride I was 107. I never bolused for dinner, figuring that hopefully since I was on a down swing that my bg would stabilizewith the exercise. There were a few small hills and I figure I would get a good work out since normally we don’t bike that much. At the end of the ride i tested again and I was 120. Good I thought, I was going to be fine. An hour and some after getting home I check again and my CGMSsays that I am 170 with the up arrow. Bg is going up. Damn! Test shows I am 180 so the bg is going up. Time for a bolus. 3 Units ought to do it, I hope.

That is the funny thing with exercise, it hits me in different ways every time. There was one time where I was really high and we went for a ride and I crashed right when we got home. We are talking starting out at 230 and coming down to 54 when we got home after a 4 mile ride with no insulin bolus. Then there have been other times when I have started out at 80 rode for a few miles and tested only to find i was in the 200s. Sheesh! I exercise so infrequently that it is really hard for me to know how exercise is going to effect me. Guess that really means I should exercise more so I could get a better idea of what it does to me.

I guess it all comes down to consistency. It is funny how many times in my life that word has come up. Consistency is a term that has come up a lot in my life lately. I see how important it is and how difficult it is to maintain. Whethere it is in diabetes care, life, or other trials and tribulations.

On another note, the Matterhorn at Disneyland (and the Submarine Voyage) are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. There is a good article on ride here. Also this graphic is pretty cool too.

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Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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