So much blood…

Well today’s adventure into a new sensor did not go well. Woke up this morning running on day 7 of my sensor from last week knowing that I needed to change it and my infusion set. Pulled out the old one from my right side and took a shower. Got my left side all ready for a new sensor (i.e. showered, shaved my stomach since I am fairly hairy, wiped my stomach with alcohol) and in goes the new sensor. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt at all going in. Usually I have a little twinge of the needle going in with the sensors but today nothing. I thought that was going to be a good thing. Boy was I wrong. Here’s what it looks like:


No sooner did I pull out the introducer needle then the blood started to come out. Just a little bit at first. Then it wouldn’t stop. I’ve had blood upon insertion before but nothing like this. It just kept coming and coming and coming. After about 5 minutes it stopped and I thought I was safe. So I put on the transmitter, start the sensor, tape it down and go about my day. 2 hours later it is time for a calibration, bg is 71, a little low but not bad. All is well right? Wrong!

Those who are squeamish about blood may want to bypass this paragraph. I take a look at the sensor and there is blood on the sensor, transmitter and all under the tape. Again, I have had this happen before but nothing like this. It was actually starting to pool under the tape. Decision time. Do I let it go or do I remove the $70 sensor and chalk it up to a fluke? When I started seeing the bubble of blood under the tape, the choice was clear. That sucker needed to come out. With some help from my wife I was ready for the extraction. I pulled off the tape and the transmitter was covered in blood. Took that off and set it aside. Now it was time fro the sensor. There was just red everywhere. Pulled out the sensor  and here comes the gusher! It took about 5 minutes or so for that sucker to stop bleeding and I was presented with a nice small bruise.

The funny thing was that through all of this I didn’t have any pain. When I had put in last week’s sensor it hurt like a … well I won’t get into that. Let’s just say it really hurt, but it didn’t bleed at all. Right now I have a little square of gauze taped to my stomach right now without a hint of blood coming through, thankfully.  I decided just to take a day off the cgms today and let my left side heel. I do that every once in awhile. I’ll spare everyone any gory photos. Not that I took any, I was too busy just trying to stop the gusher :).

Now that that is over, it is time to enjoy the baseball game (Angels vs. Yankees-go Halos!) and maybe a swim and/or playing Wii later. Hopefully tomorrow’s foray into sensor-dom will be less exciting. I can only hope.

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Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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