Now that’s what I call going green.

Ah, another week, another look at the data. And what do I see? Well have a look for yourself:


It has been a looooooong time since I have had my average fall totally in the green zone! I gotta say I am happy that it looks like last week was a good week. Not sure why that was to tell you honestly. It was a stressful week and usually stress makes my bgs high as a kite. Though I do notice that August 1 was a bad day, the morning and evening was just off the chart! Well, almost. So this shows me that I must be doing something right. There have been a few lows in the last week or so, a 40 something here and there. Maybe stress is changing its effect on me. I’ve noticed a few more lows lately, not that I am overly concerned about it. With Type 1 Diabetes, you gotta learn to roll with the highs and lows. Though my averages are doing quite nicely.


Stress has always caused me to go high and not just a little high, like say in the high 100s to 200s, I mean HIGH like 300+. I have always hated that. You check your bg, see a 325, you know your infusion set is fine, haven’t eaten anything in at least 2 hours and you give yourself some insulin. You check you bg 2 hours later and BAM! 325! What the…? There have been days when no matter what I do the bg stays up. I could bolus like a mad man, give myself an extra shot of insulin in another part of the body and still no dice. I know I use fast acting insulin, but sometimes my body has other ideas. I remember one day where I couldn’t get my bg down below 250 for an entire day. Oh boy was I ticked that day! Now it appears that stress may be causing me to go low. Will have to watch that one.

And that is the funny thing about this disease, namely it changes on you when you least expect it. What do I mean? When I was first diagnosed back in 1989 I would have a low and I would get the shakes and get that “hollow” feeling inside. After a few years, I didn’t get the shakes anymore when I was low, I got the sweats. I would be dripping in sweat when I would go low and when it’s hot out that just is not a good thing. I never knew if I was low or just warm. Then I got the shakes back but then I would lose the ability to speak. By that I mean, I could check my bg, see I was low (like really low >55) and know I needed something but I couldn’t say a word. So I just resorted to showing my meter to my wife who would then go get me a “juice box” our code for any type of kids lunch box juice. The perfect amount of juice with about 20 g of carbs to bring my blood glucose up. Here I am at 34 still buying Kool-Aid juice pouches, go figure! The other thing besides the symptoms changing is my threshold has changed too. When I was in less than stellar control I would feel low about 70-60 mg/dL but now that is nothing. I don’t start to feel it until about 55 mg/dL. That worries me sometimes but thankfully my CGMS will alert me if I am going too low too fast. Gotta love technology!

In other news, sadly Disneyland has decided to raise prices again. It is an annual ritual now for them I guess. At least I will get in free on my birthday and I am soooooooo looking forward to that!  I like the idea of getting in free on your birthday. It makes you feel like you really are getting something, even after you pay and arm and a leg just to park. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Disneyland but methinks there be some price gouging going on. The other good thing about birthdays at Disneyland (and Walt Disney World) are that you can ask for a button that says its your birthday. I am definitely getting one of those, and it won’t be my first. You see a few years ago Disneyland did stickers and I got one of those with my name on it for my birthday and in 2006 my wife and I were in Walt Disney World on my birthday and I made it a point to go to each park and a button from them. Each park has its own special birthday button. I thought that was a nice touch. If I can find my picture of  them I’ll post them. I also got buttons for both my wife and I for our anniversary that year too. I value those more than anything.

Lastly for today, the boxes have arrived. My office is moving to a new building at the end of the month. I hate packing. Ok, packing is ok, it is the unpacking and setup I hate. Just when I finally figured out where everything is after 2 years I gotta move and do it all over again. But it will be nice to be in a totally new building that no one has ever been in before. The end of the month will see long nights and long weekends but I am ready for it. Gee, I wonder what that will do to my bgs?

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Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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