There will be blood…ok, well at least a bruise.

Making some minor changes to the blog. Wanted my own pic up top and since I like Alcatraz, I thought why not. So the last few infusion sets and sensor sites that I have used have had the unfortunate consequence of bleeding a bit after insertion. Now really that is normal, after all I’m sticking a needle into myself. Usually the bleeding stops and I go along my merry way. These last few times however, after removing the set/sensor a few days later I see that I now have a nice bruise where my set/sensor once was. Let me back up a moment. Have a look where one could put said sets/sensors. These are all fleshy parts:
Infusion sites

Infusion sites

 Now when I started pumping some 15 years ago (wow was it really that long ago?!) I used my abdomen exclusively for my sets. Previous to that I used all of the sites available (save the arms because I couldn’t reach them) for shots. About 9 months before I started the CGMS I decided to give my abdomen a rest and started using my back and my butt for the sets. Why you ask? Well, after such a long time my stomach skin and subcutaneous tissue had enough and needed time to finally heal. You see, the more you use a site, the more scar tissue develops. The more scar tissue develops the less absorption you get when you inject insulin. It is a vicious cycle. Switching to my back and butt was really my only choice. Sure I could have gone to my thighs but shaving my thighs (remember I am a hairy guy) was not in the cards for me.

Mind you, using my back and butt is a good thing. Insulin absorbtion is better because the areas haven’t been used in a long time and it really is fresh meat (gross yes but I can’t think of another way to put it). It does make for some interesting contortionist moves to get the set in, even with the inserters I use. So back to the point of my rambling. My last few sets/sensors have bled and when removing said sets/sensors I have been presented with “normal looking” skin. Then, BOOM!, a day later a nice little bruise comes up.  Don’t know why the take so long to show up. I would think that once the teflon (sets) or metal (sensor) is removed it would show up right away. Alas, no. There is nothing quite like getting into the shower and noticing from the reflection in the bathroom mirror it looks like someone beat you on your back. That, and you did it to yourself! Gotta love what you do for diabetes! I just wish the bruises would show right away. The sooner you see ’em the sooner they’ll be gone.

But I guess that is the funny thing about bruises. You never know what is under the surface. You remove what invaded the area and after a while the bruise shows up. It’s like a glaring reminder of what discomfort used to be there. The nice thing is the bruises will heal. Sure it may take a while and its ugly but, eventually, it will go away. Some take longer that others and you have to be patient but the healing will occur. I guess I am just not that patient all the time.  Healing will come if I let it.

So my wife and I celebrated our anniversary weekend a few weekends back. I say anniversary weekend because the significant moments in our life all happened one right after the other. October 3 was our 11 year Wedding Anniversary, October 4 marked 13 years since I asked her to marry me, and October 5 was our 19 year anniversary of being together. This year we kept our celebration on the down low. Last year for 10 years we took a cruise to Alaska.


The glacier cracks!

The glacier cracks!

This year was a little more subdued. We went to a family wedding in San Francisco at the top of the St. Francis Hotel. What a view of the city! We hung out the rest of the time, had some ice cream, and took a nice leisurely drive home. One thing we did though was visit our alma mater, Cal, on that Sunday. It was the first time the two of us had been back there since we graduated. I have to say it was rather fun to go back and see the campus and the surrounding area. A lot has changed, but then again a lot was the same.

Sather Gate

Sather Gate

We just ate at Top Dog southside, walked around the campus a bit and called it a day. All in all, it was a great weekend and great way to celebrate a milestone in our lives. Mabel is the greatest and I think that we compliment each other very well. We’ve been talking lately about what else we want to do and where else we want to travel. There are so many places, but its nice to know we’ll go there together, my bruises and all.

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Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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