This and that…

So it has been a long time since I posted. Hard to believe it has been six months since we moved back to the city. Time really flies.

For the most part I’ve settled into my job as has Mabel. Been to a few Giants games and been enjoying just being back in our home town. One thing that I have been doing a lot of is taking the bus and walking.

I have to say that I really do like bring able to walk all over the place again. Forgot how much I  really missed that. Also been taking the bus a lot. Mostly to work but I also take it st lunch sometimes just to get out. Talk about live theater. Today alone I saw people almost get scammed in a game of th ree card monty. Good thing they caught on and a free others did too before they lost money on the deal. Amazing what hours on sometimes.

Taking the bus is always an adventure. You never know what will happen. I’ve seen fights, arguments, and dogs. I think it is great that dogs are allowed inn the bus. MUNI is positive in that respect. Rising the bus also gives me time to read. I must have finished about a dozen or so books since I’ve been taking the bus. The library has become my friend too. Haven’t had to buy a book in a long time.

Even writing this post on my phone while on the bus. Think I’ll end here for now. Must find time to write more. I so miss it.

About 1setatatime

Born and raised in San Francisco. Lived in SoCal for 11 years and have moved back to the City by the Bay. Type 1 Diabetic since 14 and still going stron!
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